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Fox Camp (Fox Children's Camp) is a camp for children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes from 8 to 16 years old.

As in any health camp, our children have a good rest, learn new things, communicate with their peers, improve their health and gain strength. But besides this, at Fox Camp, children receive powerful psychological support, learn to control their condition and manage diabetes. The curators of the camp are the best specialists in the field of diabetes, leading endocrinologists working in children's endocrinological hospitals and outpatient departments throughout the country, as well as mentors who have proven by their own life example that there are no barriers to diabetes.

To create an accessible environment for proper rest and development of children and adolescents with diabetes. We want all children to have EQUAL opportunities for socialization, communication and friendship with peers, unleashing their creative potential, playing sports and outdoor activities.

Children with diabetes come to us from near and far abroad. In 2020-2024, FOX CAMP will bring together children with diabetes in:

  • Germany
  • USA
  • Spain
  • France

Fox camp is an international community diabetic camp!
By developing the horizons of children while traveling, we want to show that diabetes is not an obstacle and cannot be closed within the "four walls".

With diabetes there are no borders - there are rules for managing. We educate children on the control and management of diabetes. Topics are selected according to age. For children of primary school age, classes are held in an interactive format.
Fox Camp is not just for kids. The principle of "calm and confident parents - a happy baby" applies to any age. It is important for us to give support to parents during the period of adaptation of the child and the whole family to the diagnosis of diabetes, and in later life. During family days in our camp, as well as online, we hold parent conferences. Psychologists, doctors, as well as invited speakers on various diabetic topics work with parents.

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Elena Boronina

Founder of Fox Camp
Generator of ideas and warmth

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Sergey Boronin

Founder of Fox Camp
Director of ANO "Children's Camp FOX CAMP"

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Lyubov Bolotskaya

Chief medical curator
fox camp

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Ksenia Omelchenko

Curator in the Urals

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Tatyana Mikhailova

Curator in Kaliningrad

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Elena Zhuravel

Curator in the Krasnodar Territory

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Certainly! Children come to us not only from other cities and subjects of the Russian Federation, but also from other countries - from Belarus, Kazakhstan. If you do not live in the region of the camp or active tour, then you will need to independently organize the arrival of the child to the collection point on the day of departure to the camp. If a child is over 12 years old and you trust him to travel on his own, then our curators will meet him at the airport or train station and escort him to the camp bus. Transfer from the city of the camp or active tour to the camp and back is not included in the tour price.
In our camp, endocrinologists are with the children throughout the entire shift. At night, there will definitely be a doctor on duty who will measure sugar for children at 3 am. If one of the children needs to individually measure sugar additionally, the doctor will do it. Also, the doctor will be available to contact the parents 24 hours a day if the child has monitoring and you want to comment on his performance in some way.
The endocrinologist will always be present with the children during breakfast, lunch and dinner. It will also track how much the guys eat and how much insulin they inject for a particular meal. If a dose adjustment is needed, the endocrinologist will do this with the notification of the parents. If the child wants to eat more or, conversely, his appetite will be less than usual, then the doses will also be adjusted. All specialists who will be in the camp with children (curators, counselors) will undergo full training at the diabetes school and a shift preparation course, so you can be sure that the child will be able to turn to any adult for help.
Our camp involves active summer outdoor recreation. We will spend a lot of time in various activities, and, if necessary, the children will be adjusted in the dose of insulin. It is imperative that during all sporting events there will be increased attention of doctors to children. Before any sport, the sugar level will be checked and, if necessary, adjusted.
The topics of classes at the school will be divided depending on the age of the children, for each group there will be their own classes, relevant and adapted specifically for their age. For younger children, these will be interactive themed sessions that will last no more than 30 minutes. We will talk with them about acceptance of diabetes, about responsibility for their condition, about independence, in order to instill in the child the awareness that his diabetes is only in his hands. For older children, classes will be longer in duration - up to 1 hour and will be held both in an interactive and lecture format. We will also be talking to them about accepting diabetes. For adolescents entering puberty, very important topics will be raised, including adult topics, in order to tell them what will happen to them in adulthood and what needs to be done to further control their diabetes.

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