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Become a leader

Working as a camp counselor is not just a job. This is a calling. Willingness to be here and now for a whole squad of children 24/7. In our camp we teach how to be a counselor for children with diabetes. We invite young people from 21 years old with a pedagogical or psychological education, experience in working with children's groups, as well as students of medical universities to join our team. An important selection criterion is that you must be a motivating example and want to work specifically with children, as well as be open to new knowledge. The school of counselors is held every spring, it is a 3-day training with immersion in the camp environment.

Exclusive course - theory and skill development!

3 days of practice in a circle of like-minded people!

Get ready for your best shift!

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СIT 17+ (course for assistant counselors)

What is our course about?

Our team has volunteer positions for young people with no work experience, with the possibility of career growth to a counselor. We invite students from 17 to 19 years old to become assistant counselors and gain an unforgettable experience of working in a team of like-minded people under the wing of experienced comrades. The fact that the counselor has compensated diabetes mellitus and his personal positive dia-experience is a big plus.

Non-children's camp

If you have grown out of the "camp age" but do not want to part with us.

your first job

If you want to acquire the first managerial experience in your life and become a group leader.

You are part of the team

If you are ready to be a motivating example and support for younger children.

Then we are waiting for you to join our team of assistant counselors!

The best of the best

Our teachers

Lyubov Bolotskaya

Chief medical curator
fox camp

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Sergey Boronin

Founder of Fox Camp
Director of ANO "Children's Camp FOX CAMP"

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Elena Boronina

Founder of Fox Camp
Generator of ideas and warmth

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